Authentic & Local Dishes

Our passion is to cater to all your senses

About us

Our restaurant wants to surprise people with delicious dishes and unexpected combinations.

We work hard to provide you with an unforgettable experience in a beautiful setting, with good food and excellent service. The passion that we put into our business, we try to impart to our dishes and the experience of our guests. We are already looking forward to receiving you!

Enjoy our warm atmosphere

The perfect vacation feeling

We don't want to be a restaurant like all the others. By offering a warm & cozy atmosphere to our customers, they can relax and enjoy our food in an oasis of tranquility. You will sometimes find the contemporary dishes on the menu, but always with a special twist, which makes it feel familiar, yet new. Our highly skilled staff will help you with all your questions during your time in our restaurant.

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Booking terms and conditions

We ask for each reserveration credit card details to book a table on your name.

In case of cancelling your reservation :

  • More then 3 days before enjoying our meals: 0%
  • 3 days before enjoying our meals : 50%
  • The same day of tasting our meals: 100%

Terms and conditions

To respect the conviviality and enjoyment of our guests, we ask you to take into account the following conditions.

We do not allow pets in the restaurant. We would like to take into account customers with allergies.

Please respect the time of your reservation, we also have other customers who would like to come and have a bite at our restaurant! 

Please inform us if something happens. If there is a valid reason and proof can be provided, we will cancel the costs.

Privacy policy

We only use the information you enter when booking to book your table.
If you would like to be kept informed about our menus, you can tick the box 'subscribe to the newsletter' during the reservation process. This way you will be kept informed of all our news!